Dominic Berlingeri: Astonishing Hikes

Dominic Berlingeri loves trekking, Since childhood, I used to go for trekking with his parents and friends.  Traveling is his great source to deal with workload and Stress. When he starts frustrated and unmotivated, He packs his bag and goes to undecided places to explore himself.

Dominic Berlingeri is an experienced traveler; He shared his traveling memories with writing. He started his blog to recall his sour and sweet memories, Life challenge, unknown language, Nation food, and more exciting.

He found best hike places in 3 different countries, USA, Canada, and Australia. Some of them he visited and explores his mental and physical strength.

USA Trek and Hikes.

Denali National Park

Mount Whitney

Arches National Park

Zion National Park

John Muir Trail

Glacier National Park

Yosemite National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

Appalachian Trail

Pacific Coast Trail

Australia Hikes and Treks

Scenic Rim, QLD

The Bibbulmin Track, WA

Cape To Cape Track, Margaret River, WA

National Pass, Blue Mountains, NSW

You Yangs Regional Park, VIC

The Heysen Trail, SA

Uluru Base Walk

Glow Worm Tunnel, NSW

Freycinet Experience Walk, TAS

The 12 Apostles Lodge Walk, VIC

Canada Hikes and Treks

The Great Divide Trail

Bruce Trail

Newfoundland T’Railway Provincial Park

Kettle Valley Rail Trail

Confederation Trail

Alexander Mackenzie Heritage (Grease) Trail

Rideau Trail

Canol Heritage Trail

Waskahegan Trail

East Coast Trail



Boost your SEO with these tool by Dominic Berlingeri

Especially in the world of SEO. Need to work smart and fast. Dominic Berlingeri collected informative tool list should use. These tool has a wide variety of uses and covering a number of common needs. website rank monitoring, backlink checking, keyword research and traffic

Dominic Berlingeri hope these tool the list helps you to get fast and easy way to track your website correctly


Check out following

Google PageSpeed Insights
Moz Local Listing Score
Google Analytics
Google Webmaster Tools + Bing Webmaster Tools
Google Keyword Planner
Google Trends
QuickSprout Website Analyzer
Schema Creator
SERPs Rank Checker
XML Sitemaps
SEO Site Checkup
Find Broken Links
Robots.txt Generator
Open Site Explorer
Ahrefs – One Tool To Rule Them All

Which SEO tools are your favorite? Do you prefer web tools like these or browser plugins and spreadsheets?

I’d love to hear any tips you’re willing to share in the comments!

How to Increase Traffic on website and Blog by Dominic Berlingeri

Dominic Berlingeri is a blogger who runs multiple blogs. Dominic Berlingeri knows to become a blogger is not an easy because it needs patience & hard work. As we know Rome wasn’t built in a day, as same Website and blog traffic would not increase within a day. So how do you actually increase traffic to your website or blog? No matter what you do, your website traffic numbers don’t budge…When you have the right system; it’s really not that difficult to increase website traffic.

Dominic Berlingeri tips below will show you how.

Optimize your Website/blog

Use Social Media Channel

Start Content Marketing

Pay attention SEO-On Page

Implement Schema microdata

Create attractive and innovative Headline

Get always active on Social Media Regularly

Start Guest posting and blogging

Focus on Remarketing

Analyze the traffic and make plan

Dominic Berlingeri: How to Be a Good Tourists

Dominic Berlingeri is a travel lover who travels a lot. Travelling is the opportunity because being a tourist you need to experience the different culture, people food and much more. And if you are visiting new country then it is your duty to leave the good impression on the locals. Here Dominic Berlingeri shares the methods that help you in becoming a good tourist:

  • Do Research
  • Respect the Country you are Visiting

Dominic Berlingeri: 10 Free Backlink Checker Tools

Dominic Berlingeri is an internet marketer & blogger who expert in digital marketing. Earlier he shares many articles on this blog & many other platforms. Large numbers of follower followed his blog. Today he is going to share an article about backlink checker tools. SEO has changed in the last couple of years but one thing that remains the same is the backlink.

Dominic Berlingeri says backlinks play a major role in every site’s ranking. But it does not depend on the number of backlinks, ranking completely depend on the quality of backlinks.
Almost everyone knows about these factors but how to get quality backlinks!
So as a professional & experienced marketer, Dominic know how to get quality backlinks & beat your competitors.

In this article, Dominic Berlingeri shared a list 10 best free backlink checker tools that help you to beat your competitors.

Open Site explorer
SEO spyglass
Backlink Watch
Rank Signals

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Dominic Berlingeri: Top 7 Free Blogging Sites

Dominic Berlingeri says there are many people who want to start their own blogs to share his experience across the web. so Dominic Berlingeri creates a list of world’s top blogging sites where you can publish your views.
According to Dominic Berlingeri, blogging is the most effective way to maintain a good position in the search results. It helps to improve business presence in SERP. But all of the blogging platforms have not high domain authority on Google and other search engines like Bing, Yahoo etc. Every blogging site has his unique features so selecting a blogging site is as essential as maintaining the blog.

Here Dominic Berlingeri shares a list of top 10 blogging sites:








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Dominic Berlingeri: 7 Most Popular Websites

Dominic Berlingeri create a list of world’s most popular websites. This list is based on each website’s popularity & Alexa global traffic rank.

Here are the Top 7 Most Popular Sites:


Dominic Berlingeri


Dominic Berlingeri


Dominic Berlingeri




Dominic Berlingeri


Dominic Berlingeri

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