Dominic Berlingeri – Social Media Strategist


Dominic Berlingeri is a traveler cum digital marketer from Ohio. And As a social media strategist, Dominic Berlingeri know the role of social media sites for business. The role of social sites have changed, earlier it used only for fun & connecting with friends but now it completely changed. Now social sites play a vital role in business, with the help of social channel, we can easily describe our service and sell across the web.

Most popular social media sites have changed over the year. Here below Dominic Berlingeri mentioned some top level social media sites which are helpful to all types businesses.




Dominic-Berlingeri - Twitter


Dominic Berlingeri - LinkedIn


Dominic Berlingeri - YouTube


Dominic Berlingeri-Pinterest


Dominic-Berlingeri - Google+


Author: dominicberlingeri

Dominic Berlingeri started his career as a digital marketer in 2004. Dominic Berlingeri completed his graduation from FSU.

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