Dominic Berlingeri: Video Sharing Sites 2017

In this article, Dominic Berlingeri shares a list of most popular video submissions sites where you can publish your videos. Dominic Berlingeri says video submissions is the most effective way to promote your business services, products etc.
Video Submission is also a best method for getting high quality backlinks & drive traffic.

There are lots of free video submission sites on the web. Nowadays people prefer videos more than other ways of promotion. Here Dominic Berlingeri shares the top 7 video submission sites where you can publish your video without any cost.

















Dominic Berlingeri: Off Page SEO Techniques

Dominic Berlingiri says On page SEO help to get visibility in search engines and Off page SEO techniques will help to improve the website position in Search Engine results pages.


Off page SEO will help to increase the visibility of your website on the internet. It tells google what other think about your website. With off page SEO, we increase the link of the website. Off page SEO is the combination of many factors like Social Media, Blogging, Content Marketing, Social Bookmarking etc.

Here Dominic Berlingiri shared some off page SEO techniques:

Link Building
Participate in question & answer sites
Content Marketing
Social media promotions
Local listing
Video & PPT submissions
Image submissions
Infographic Submissions

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Dominic Berlingeri: On Page SEO Techniques

Dominic Berlingeri is Ohio based digital marketing manager. As a digital marketing manager he always tries to learn new about SEO. Today Dominic talk about On Page SEO.

There are many people who are just start to blog and after few months they shut down their blog because they don’t know what SEO is and how to implement it!

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation is a process and technique that help you to rank your blog/website on search engine result pages (SERPs). SEO is divided into 2 categories i.e. On Page SEO & Off Page SEO.

Here Dominic discuss On Page SEO factors:

  • Use SEO-Friendly URLs
  • Start Title With Keyword
  • Use best, guide, review, top etc word in Title
  • Using keyword in header tag
  • Boost Site Speed
  • Using LSI Keywords
  • Keyword Density
  • Optimize Images (Use Alt Tag)
  • Internal Linking
  • Use Social Sharing Buttons

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Dominic Berlingeri – How To Become Professional Blogger

Dominic Berlingeri is a blogger who runs multiple blogs. Dominic Berlingeri knows to become a blogger is not an easy because it needs patience & hard work. As we know Rome wasn’t built in a day, as same your blog won’t build itself overnight either. So in starting stage don’t expect anything just focus on hard work.

According to Dominic Berlingeri, many people want to start a blog that gives the numerous income & freedom. In starting stage they work hard, write about their experience & share their experience through the blog. But if they did not receive excepted income & audience then they leave the blog and go back to their jobs. But if you decide to become a professional blogger then you need to take patience. Combination of both hard & smart work will helpful to receive the success.

So as a successful blogger Dominic Berlingeri shares some tips which helpful to become a professional blogger.

Choose an Industry

Uniqueness Is Key

Learn SEO

Dominic Berlingeri seo
Setup Your Daily Working Hour

Dominic-Berlingeri Time

Staying Active on Social Media
Increase Your Network

Create a List of Industry Influencer & Get in Touch.

Dominic-Berlingeri Influncer
Follow Top Blogs
Dominic-Berlingeri Blog

Make Good Connection with Other Blogger

Dominic-Berlingeri Connection
Participate in Discussion Community
Have I missed anything? If yes then please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Dominic Berlingeri – How To become Travel blogger

If you are a blogger and love travel then it must be read this article. Travel addict guy always tries to visiting new places but money is the main issue for everyone. Today Dominic Berlingeri share a short article for travel blogger who wants to earn money from his blog. Everyone want to become a professional travel blogger but few one receives success. The word professional say everything about you.

Do you know what exactly is a professional travel blogger?

Everyone who created a blog and starts work for the blog is called “blogger”. There are many definitions for a professional travel blogger. Dominic Berlingeri is also a travel blogger cum digital marketer from Ohio.

Dominic Berlingeri

A person who earns income through his travel blog is considered professional travel blogger.

Steps to start a travel blog:

Select a Good Blog name

Buy a Domain

Choose Hosting for Your Blog

Install Word Press

Choose a Professional WP Theme

Download Useful Plugin

Create About Me Page

Set Goals

Write Quality Content

Created Profiles on Social sites

Know Your Target Audience

Making Money