Dominic Berlingeri: Best Social Media Management Tools

As a professional blogger, Dominic Berlingeri always tries to learn the new things and implement it on his daily basis work. Today Dominic Berlingeri shares some best social media tools which are helpful to boost your business. And as a social media marketer, it must you know about these tools.


Dominic Berlingeri


Dominic Berlingeri-Hootsuite


Dominic Berlingeri-IFTTT

Sprout Social
Dominic Berlingeri-sprout-social


Dominic Berlingeri tweet-deck



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Dominic Berlingeri – How To become Travel blogger

If you are a blogger and love travel then it must be read this article. Travel addict guy always tries to visiting new places but money is the main issue for everyone. Today Dominic Berlingeri share a short article for travel blogger who wants to earn money from his blog. Everyone want to become a professional travel blogger but few one receives success. The word professional say everything about you.

Do you know what exactly is a professional travel blogger?

Everyone who created a blog and starts work for the blog is called “blogger”. There are many definitions for a professional travel blogger. Dominic Berlingeri is also a travel blogger cum digital marketer from Ohio.

Dominic Berlingeri

A person who earns income through his travel blog is considered professional travel blogger.

Steps to start a travel blog:

Select a Good Blog name

Buy a Domain

Choose Hosting for Your Blog

Install Word Press

Choose a Professional WP Theme

Download Useful Plugin

Create About Me Page

Set Goals

Write Quality Content

Created Profiles on Social sites

Know Your Target Audience

Making Money